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Located in Jodhpur, Daspan House is  your escape to a slow life of peace & tranquility. Upcycled from a 1921 home, the house offers a vibrant decor with 18 rooms, a mysterious bar and a cheerful restaurant all with locally made custom furniture. Keeping the spirits alive, Daspan House is continuously celebrating all forms of art through collaborations. A collection of intimate nooks & corners with calming sounds, the house extends a warm & homely atmosphere for the curious traveler.


Rajasthani culture is known for its warmth, generosity and hospitality. Our guests will experience a new dimension of service that is friendly, attentive & personal. We believe, however beautiful a hotel, however seamless, it’s the people which make it feel like home. Just like a family, we work, celebrate,  eat & support each other.  


Led by a young team with the     common shared objective of creating boutique homely experiences,      Daspan House is Spruce Hospitality's first venture. The team comprises    Varun Jalan, Founder & Head of Guest Experience and Siddharth Daspan, Founder & Head of Design.

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